Epstein Victim Vows to Release Video Identifying VIP Elites Who Assaulted Children

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s survivors is about to expose him on a grand scale. ‘The footage will haunt me for the rest of my life.’ Jeffrey Epstein survivor claims she watched tapes the pedophile made of his wealthy friends having ѕex with a female victim for ‘blackmail’ – and says she still has copies stashed.

Sarah Ransome, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, made an astonishing claim in a recently released deposition. She alleges that she has seen videos of two of Epstein’s associates engaging in ѕexual acts with underage girls and that she was forced into a threesome with famed attorney Alan Dershowitz and an unidentified woman. These revelations have sparked further speculation regarding the extent of Epstein’s depraved activities.

Ransome did not just observe these videos but reportedly made copies, adding to her credibility as a witness. Her accusations are particularly damning for Dershowitz who previously denied all involvement with Epstein or his victims. Virginia Giuffre, another victim of Epstein, filed the lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell which lead to this deposition being taken as evidence. Given these shocking new details about the case, it is likely that many more questions will arise in the coming weeks and months as investigations into Epstein heat up again.

Alan Dershowitz, the prominent lawyer, has vigorously denied any accusations of ѕexual misconduct with minors. He said in a statement that he has “only had ѕex with one woman since the day I met my wife”. He further asserted that he has never had any interactions or contact with Ransome during the years of her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ѕex-trafficking ring.

Nevertheless, Ransome continues to maintain that she viewed video footage that included two men, with their faces clearly visible, engaged in ѕexual activity with young girls. She claims to have copies of these videos stored in multiple secure locations across Europe and says she remains fearful of potential retaliatory actions from Epstein’s associates even after his death.

This revelatory allegation furthers the widely held belief that Epstein often threatened and intimidated his wealthy friends by secretly taping them engaging in ѕexual acts with underaged girls he provided.

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Release the videos before you are found dead on the side of the road with 2 bullet holes and a suicide note in your pocket


And still the names of Epstein’s “friends” are not released. Alot of people will die before any of this is revealed.


I thought the judge was going to release the names. Sure taking his time.




Your chances of “Suicide” just went up!


Betcha billy boy Clinton On the top of the list


Her name, RANSOMe tells it all.


Put all the names in all social media and news papers!

Scott High

Having those tapes “stashed away” won’t help if she is kidnapped and “intmidated” with threats of injury/death for her and/or her loved ones. Someone needs to protect this lady or both she and the tapes will disappear. Remember that she is dealing with unkown ‘someones’ who obviously have a lot to lose if the tapes are made public. They are powerful and the have money and international connections with people who will do their bidding for a price. I sincerely hope that her attorneys are mindful of this dreadful exposure.


This broad if just trying to get in on the grift, if she had anything she would already have been paid off or dead.


Ransome…I say “Put up or Shut UP”!!!


Yes do so those need exposed we need to know so they lose everything possible including their freedom no holding back this kind of garbage needs eradicated and those responsible held accountable

j. r. jUSTICE

Don’t hold your breath, Lucy !!!! The Republican COWARDS that WE have elected are NEVER GOING TO ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING, EVER !!!!! NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL !!!!


Never going to happen! If anything was going to be done it would have by now.


Release it




… and no, I’m not juliaandrew

An Ari

She wont do it until the right price is met. hahaha!