Dirty RINO Protecting Biden from Impeachment

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has made it clear that he will not be pursuing impeachment of Joe Biden, and is even urging Republicans to oppose the resolution offered by Rep. Lauren Boebert that would force a quick vote to impeach the President.

In a statement McCarthy said, “Now is not the time to talk about impeaching the President. We should be focused on working together to get our economy back on track and finding solutions for the American people.” He went on to say that he believes in working with both sides of the aisle in order to find common ground and move forward with legislation that will benefit all Americans.

McCarthy’s stance against impeachment has been echoed by other prominent Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who said in a statement that “impeachment is a tool of last resort” and should only be used when there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. He also noted that it would be difficult for Republicans to win an impeachment trial if they were unable to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

McCarthy’s opposition to impeachment comes as no surprise given his long-standing support for bipartisanship and compromise in Congress. In recent months, he has worked closely with Democrats on legislation such as the American Rescue Plan Act which provided relief for millions of Americans during the pandemic. He also worked with Democrats on passing an infrastructure bill which included investments in roads, bridges, broadband internet access, clean energy projects, and other initiatives aimed at improving quality of life across America.

It appears that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will continue his efforts towards bipartisanship and compromise rather than pursuing impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden. This approach may help bridge divides between both parties as they work together towards solutions that benefit all Americans, but I’m skeptical of that happening. Democrats don’t want to share any bridges with Republicans. They are lost in their own delusions and unwilling to compromise on anything.

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Congress needs to rid themselves of the RINO McCarthy and then Biden


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McConnell as well.

Lorraine E Blazich

Please provide the names of our representatives who oppose impeachment of joe.


RINO McCarthy.


Lorraine, I wanted what you want but I thought about it . Now is not the time. We need more leverage. so they should find more and more. I don’t want him just impeached I want him out of office and under the jail house for good. That won’t happen now. Not enough Senate votes. We certainly do not need babbling Harris as president. Think about it!! I keep thinking what can we as, We the people can do. Talk is the best we have. since we are not all billionaires. Talk about all of his corruption and how the economy is to the little people about illegals getting the best of treatment when our own family and friends are shoved under the bus by this administration. Taking our hard earned money in taxes and spending spending it on illegals, war and other corrupt things.


They need to replace him if hes not going to do his job.

the old marine

Look around see what is happening to our once great proud country, there is plenty evidence to not only impeach but to execute, not only him bot his family and administration.



Diana Flory

Unfortunately Democrats are the majority in the Senate led by VP Harris. Impeachment proceedings would go no where but these nonsense articles calling any Republican as a RINO is only hurting the Republican Party. Has anyone ever heard of a DINO? No because Democrats stick together rather than trying to destroy the Democrat Party.

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So True!!! It disgusts me to no end with the stalemate in Congress!!


absolutely correct!

Richard C Russell

See my comment above. McCarthy’s willingness to work with a party full of anti Americans is evidence enough that he does not support an American agenda for our country and that my friend is the essence of a RINO. An Impeachment would uncover ALL of the evidence of Biden’s intentional disregard for his pledge to Protect and Defend America from enemies both Foreign and Domestic! Our country cannot and must not continue to condone such disregard by our President or any other government official (elected or unelected)!


You are right Now is not the time. We don’t have the leverage I don’t want him just impeached. I want him gone for good out of government and under the jail house . And i certainly don’t want babbling Harris as our president She can not make a sentence without using one word more than several times How did she ever get where she is????

Diana Flory

Unfortunately Democrats hold the majority in the Senate led by VP Harris. Impeachment proceedings would go no where but these nonsense articles calling any Republican a RINO is only hurting the Republican Party. Has anyone ever heard of a DINO? No because Democrats stick together rather than trying to destroy the Democrat Party. We Republicans are our own worst enemy. Do a little research and find the reason why McCarthy is not rushing to call for impeaching Joe Biden. Biden has been exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s since before he was elected but next in line is kackling Kamila. A call for impeachment would end up being a win for Democrats and a loss for Republicans

Patrick R White

Disagree. If Biden is not impeached the Conservatives will not support Republicans.


Then think about it ! What can we as “We the people” with little money do? Talk, talk ,talk about corrupt Biden administration Where he is spending our hared earned money. yes our money! Illegals, war, our economy I am a conservative and am very worried about our country I will never vote democrat. I know a lot of people just like me. I sure don’t want cackling Harris as president. That is who we will end up with. She appears to be one of the most stupid persons I have ever seen.


I think we are on the same page. I just replied to your early post

Stephen Russell

Hes IN on the RNC DC System

Howard K Rosenstein

Who is the biased misfit that wrote this glowing article about McCarthy. Get rid of this jerk. MAGA patriots to not compromise or cross the isle to the enemy. We defeat the enemy. Apparently, RINO McCarthy, as part of the status quo, Establishment Uni party is actually a Democrat disguised as a Republican. Most of us would feel really good if the Republicans vacated the Speaker’s chair and voted for Byron Donalds as Speaker. Regardless, McCarthy must be booted from his leadership role. He is a great leader for the Democrats but he certainly isn’t a Republican.

John Doe

Nice post.I feel the same way.


Why impeach him when there is no chance of the senate following through. You would be wasting time.

Gerald Ladd

McCarthy’s phone number. Call it. 1-202 225-2915


Why is Biden not being arrested? Who is responsible for that?

Patrick R White

I agree. How long is this going to go on. Impeach and arrest Biden.


Merrick Garland and the sold out DOJ.(DOI department of injustice)


Biden is imcompant I am not criticizing him but his handlers. But one of the things I don’t want is Babbling Harris who can’t speak a sentence without repeating one word over and over. She is less component than Biden if, that is possible. She was put into place so she could take over and they, the corrupt behind Biden would have someone they could manage. Garland is in Bidens pocket. Anyone in their right mind can see that. Garland is also bitter because he was not put on the supreme court and guess who kept him off ?? The republicans He is crooked as the day is long. I have always been a republican conservative and will always vote that way. I will vote for Fido before I would vote for the crooked Democrats. They have too much corruption in their party. Far more than the republicans. All we as the little people that pays the bills is talk talk talk and talk some more about the corrupt and incompetent Biden administration and vote them out when the time comes. Maybe impeaching Garland would be a better first step. What do you think?


The democrats!!! They or Biden has the DOJ in his pocket. Garland is mad because he did not get on the Supreme Court Who do you think blocked him? Humm lets see, the Republicans .


are you on drugs, McCarthy? Have you been paid off by Biden? Let’s root out the criminal elements running our government. That is most important. You need to grow some balls, man. You are one of the worst cowards in the House. One thing I know, you won’t be speaker much longer. We don’t need traitors like you in our party.

Walt Mezynski

Although I can’t stand the sight of or to hear the name biden, I kind of agree with the Speaker at this point. Impeaching Biden gets us giggles hyena heels up harris. Not a good result.But there is no doubt that the younger biden should be in jail. Don’t pay your taxes for two years on millions of extorted dollars and see what happens to you.

Patrick R White

No so as most of us know that impeachment would never happen in the Senate. But let’s show some guts and at least impeach him in the house. It goes in the history books just the same.


Democrats are evil and Republicans have no balls

Cecelia Henderson

If we impeach him and win, look what we have left. Would it serve a better result?? I’d rather stay with dirty Biden for 2 years and beat the squat out of the Democrats in 2024. Some how I just can’t believe that all those Democrats honestly believe in abortion up till birth, open borders, and higher taxes for America and Americans. Democrats have always been my political opposition, but never in my life have they been the enemy like today. What happens to them????


What good will impeachment do ?


The RINO One World Government Soros Puppet McCarthy has shown his true colors. He is, as Speaker of the House, as bad or even worse than his girlfriend Nancy. She tells him what to do and he courtesies as he kisses her feet “Yes mam. Anything you say mam.” Those who supported someone else for Speakervwere right. He needs to censured and a true Republican replace him. He is a stooge for the liberal leftwing socialists and a CFR member in disguise.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ricky

Now is not the time to impeach him !We don’t have enough leverage. Don’t just impeach him put under the jail house. Bring him down as low as you can. Wait until the time is right. We certainly don’t want Harris the babbling what ever she is. She can’t make a sentence with out using the same words over and over She rambles and rambles and says nothing anyone can understand.


If they “HAVE THE GOODS” ON THEM, then go for it. If not, wait until they have an airtight presentation. We saw how the dems ran with bullshlt (twice) without having even impeachable offenses. The media and the swamp didn’t bat an eye and even encouraged them but if the R’s do the same, we’ll be taking shots in the shorts for the next 20 years over it.