Dictator Newsom Makes Move After Death of Feinstein

California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has announced plans to handpick his own replacement for the late Senator Dianne Feinstein. Amid rising criticism, Newsom continues to sidestep the democratic process of holding an election to fill the vacant seat, further fueling public outrage.

Feinstein’s passing leaves an open Senate seat, and instead of allowing Californians to elect their representative, Newsom seems determined to play puppet-master. This is not the first time he’s pulled this stunt. Remember when he appointed Alex Padilla to replace Kamala Harris? It was a blatant disregard for the electoral process then, and it’s the same now. That means that California will have not one, but two unelected Senators. And to top is off, he’s vowed to choose the next one based on race and gender by promising to choose a black woman. Forget the old idea of choosing someone who would best represent the state or who is most qualified. He just wants to choose based on something that has nothing to do with the job.

Feinstein’s legacy is far from spotless. Her employment of a Chinese spy and her financial interests in China have been well-documented and criticized. Now, her successor is being chosen not by the people, but by a governor whose own actions have come under scrutiny. Newsom’s previous appointment, Alex Padilla, has been linked to allegations of illegal activity involving a no-bid contract given to a firm connected to the Biden campaign. If these allegations hold water, it raises serious questions about the integrity of Newsom’s appointments and his respect for due process.

Newsom’s decision to appoint rather than hold an election is a troubling sign of the Democratic Party’s disregard for democratic principles. It seems that the party is more interested in maintaining its grip on power than in upholding the democratic ideals it claims to champion.

Moreover, Newsom’s decision to appoint Feinstein’s replacement only adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding his tenure as governor. From his handling of the pandemic to his alleged involvement in corruption scandals, Newsom’s actions continue to raise eyebrows.

This is not just about one Senate seat – it’s about the erosion of democratic values and the establishment of a political dynasty. What’s happening in California is more than just political maneuvering. It’s an alarming erosion of democratic principles, with one man deciding who represents millions. It’s time to ask: Is Governor Newsom acting as a democratic leader or a dictator in disguise?

The people of California deserve better. They deserve a transparent, fair, and democratic process to choose their representatives. Anything less is a disservice to democracy itself.

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ahem tonto

The ill informed, misinformed citizens of Mexifornica deserve everything they are receiving from dictator Gavin Newsom(Don Corleone) as he continues to dish it out. He continues to rob them blind and they continue to permit him to stay in office. They could not garner enough votes to recall him and then they turned around and re-elected him! What an informed electorate!


Keep in mind my friends, this a-hole is trying to become POTUS. Time is LONG overdue for the people of California to “GROW A SET”, and REMOVE that COMMUNIST POS, then “introduce him” to a tall tree, and a short rope. The “fitting end” for a TREASONOUS TRAITOR.


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Notice with DEI/DNC Newsom the most qualified means nothing as he destroys California.

Stephen Russell

Keep system going Status quo


Let’s see. he will nominate himself and then resign as governor.


CA had a chance to remove Newsom and it did not happen. I suspect that there is rampant fraud in Ca elections , but in a recall??? Obviously Californians are not hurting enough yet When that happens things might change.


This should be taken before the Supreme Court. How can we have senators in our Congress that were appointed, rather than elected?? Who do they answer to, the people, or the governor??

Jim O

He’s gonna nominate Big Mike Obama


Gruesome shouldn’t have the power to do this, they should be chosen by the people. Not that the dummyrats wouldn’t do their best to cheat and steal the election.

Bob Marks

Dictator Newsom that shoe really fits……Rules for thee, not for me!!!


If the people of California let him get away with this stuff twice, its their own fault. They elected him. Why are Democrats so obviously stupid?