Dictator Biden Threatens Grocers with Jail Time

In an unprecedented move, Joe Biden is now targeting grocery stores in his latest attempt to combat the skyrocketing food prices that have plagued American families. As inflation continues to rise, with grocery prices up more than 19% since his administration began, Biden’s solution is to deploy state attorneys general to crack down on what he calls “price gouging” by grocers. This aggressive strategy marks a new chapter in Biden’s ongoing struggle to manage the economic fallout from his policies.

Biden’s announcement came amid the harsh realities faced by millions of Americans who are struggling to afford basic necessities. The Fourth of July cookout this year, for instance, reached a record high in cost – up 30% from five years ago under Trump. According to the American Farm Bureau’s market basket survey, a gathering of 10 people would cost an average of $71.22, which translates to over $7 per person, marking a significant increase from previous years.

The president took to social media to voice his concerns and outline his plan. “Grocery costs are too high for families across the country,” Biden (or KJP) stated on X (formerly known as Twitter). “We have a plan to tackle them.” However, the core of this plan involves a controversial measure: deploying state attorneys general to take legal action against grocery stores accused of price gouging. This assertion has sparked debate, as many argue that the root cause of soaring grocery prices is not the retailers, but rather the consequences of Biden’s own economic policies.

Critics point to Biden’s tax-and-spend tactics, the war on domestic oil production, and the implementation of the ‘Green New Deal’ under the guise of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ as primary drivers of the current economic crisis. These policies have led to high-interest rates, rampant government spending, and substantial deficits, prompting Moody’s Investors Service to downgrade the US’s financial outlook to negative.

Adding fuel to the fire, Biden announced measures aimed at aiding low-income families by providing $2,000 more for groceries through improved SNAP benefits and the introduction of summer EBT. While this may offer temporary relief, it also means billions more in government spending, which critics argue will only exacerbate the inflation problem further.

John Solomon from Just The News highlighted the broader implications of Biden’s approach. “This isn’t just about food prices,” Solomon said. “It’s about the cumulative effect of policies that have destabilized the economy and pushed millions into financial hardship. Now, instead of addressing the root causes, Biden is targeting grocers as scapegoats.”

The American public is left to navigate these turbulent waters, all while witnessing an administration seemingly more focused on punitive measures against businesses rather than rectifying its policy missteps. As Biden continues to assert his plan to tame food inflation by threatening jail time for grocers, the debate over his handling of the economy rages on, leaving Americans wondering if there is any relief in sight.

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the Rebel

SAD part——–ya just can’t explain what is happening to a Communist democrat !!!!

Sick of it

I certainly hope the people of this country understand the importance of this election and turn out to vote out the Democrats who are destroying this country!!!!!!!!!!

Papa Bear

Can’t be your policies, right Joe? Must be the Groceries causing the inflation by price gouging, Right?! What a waste of space.

Happy Warrior

He’s actually a waste of skin.


Too little too late Joe. Did your ensure go up in price? What took you so long? Oh I know you are now pandering for votes.

Roger Moen

Another news writer making foolish headline statements.

The Rebel

Communist democrats cannot comprehend simple facts!


Many people think “inflation” means prices of goods going higher, being inflated. Actually “inflation” means the government is printing a lot of new paper dollars and thus inflating the money supply. Whereas printing more paper money does not create new wealth, in the long run if you print 20% more dollars, each dollar will lose around 20% of its buying power. It’s not that complicated but many, especially leftists/ Democrats find it too difficult to comprehend.

Last edited 10 days ago by Bob19116
The Rebel

The Communist democrats find life in general too difficult to comprehend!!! Ya’ just can’t fix stupid!!!!!


Stupidity and criminality that knows no bounds with this clown show stolen presidency


That idiot doesn’t realize his war on petroleum is the root of the inflation!


But but Joey, you caused it. AAAAHHHHhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Happy Warrior

My god, this guy is ignorant! Every idea he has is stupid! Of course it’s not his own idea but the idea of one of his advisers which might be worse as they are supposed to have functioning minds.

Steve Van

So many mind numb democrats believe corporations cause inflation and not the government printing trillions.


I was not surprised at my modest perusal of all comments posted from the many hopefully honest and hard working L E G A L residents and citizens of our once : U N I T ED States of America . Not being a politician and having studied worked , raised a family as best as possible HAS NOW BECOME A FEAT TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE LIVING A MODEST LIFE with the outrageous prices that WE AND I DO MEAN ALL OF US have to cope with . Is it Mr. Biden’s fault ? I say HE is in contest with the HYENAS who surround him , especially the plague of psychological unbalanced DUO Madam Pelosi the unworthy & ungrateful resident of the USA – SOROS and glory seeker Madam Clinton , not forgetting of the many other Hyenas who surround one of the unfortunately most incompetent Presidents of this NOW poor dwindling part of the globe. WE have become the laughing stock of the world . Not bearing hate for Mr. Biden who is faltering mentally and physically – I SAY TO THE CITIZENS OF THE ONCE : ( U N I T E D ) STATES OF AMERICA LEAVE YOUR HATE OR LOVE FOR WHICH PARTY TO VOTE FOR AND SEEK THE ONE THAT WILL HOPEFULLY AND JUST MAYBE CERTAINLY BRING BACK SANITY TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.


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