Controversy Strikes Again! Another Election Result Overturned Due to Tabulation Error

Recently, an unexpected error was discovered in the voting machines used in a local election in New Jersey, completely altering the results of one school board race. Initially, Steve Clayton had won by 20 votes against Jeffrey Weinstein but when tabulation errors were corrected and the vote was recalculated, it revealed that Weinstein had actually won by just one vote.

This mistake occurred due to a rare procedural error during reinstallation of the Election Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machines where technicians overlooked an important step known as ‘database optimization’. This step would have notified them if data had been read twice during the results loading process.

The mishap has caused great concern amongst citizens of Monmouth County as they grapple with questions surrounding the accuracy and transparency of their electoral system. In response to this error, Monmouth County Board of Elections is now taking legal action to ensure such an incident doesn’t happen again by seeking court-ordered recount for this particular Ocean Township school board race.

Both candidates have expressed their views regarding this development, with Clayton standing firm on his decision to not give up yet while Weinstein has declared his elation at the steps being taken to rectify the situation so he can continue serving his community.

It remains unclear why state officials failed to come forward about this issue sooner than they did. Regardless, citizens are now left questioning whether or not their elections are still safe and secure without proper checks and balances in place – something which could potentially impact future outcomes when it comes to all types of elections across America.

It is for this reason that Monmouth County Board of Elections must take swift measures in order to restore public trust in its electoral system through transparent methods such as court-ordered recounts that guarantee accuracy of results collected from voting machines.

Photo Credit: kafka4prez
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These voting machines need gone back to hand counted paper ballots no mail ins except Military picture ID only American born legal American citizen


We are told they are all rare events. If cars or Airplanes had these many rare events we will all need hard hats

Danny S Phillips

Everywhere there were tabulators that were reprogrammed should be redone. This cheating has got to stop.

Stephen Toth

Monmouth County election officials said in a Wednesday statement that the Board of Elections has asked the New Jersey attorney general to file the paperwork for a recount in the Ocean Township Board of Education election.
“The integrity of elections are ultimately protected by a series of checks and balances, and we’re grateful for an audit that revealed this human error,” Granger said.

K. Christy


R. Reno

Get rid of computers in voting! Go back to the old paper ballots. As long as computer voting is allowed, no election anywhere has any integrity. Period.