Chaos Erupts After 1,000 Migrants Storm El Paso Point of Entry

As if this country doesn’t have enough to deal with already, things are still just continuing to get worse. Over the weekend, a massive group of around 1,000 migrants attempted to rush the U.S. southern border from Mexico in El Paso, Texas. The incident was caught on camera and quickly spread through social media and news outlets.

The group of migrants were attempting to enter the United States at the port of entry in El Paso. In response to the incident, authorities clashed with the migrants and closed off the port of entry temporarily. This caused a standoff between the migrants and Border Patrol agents that lasted several hours before they eventually dispersed.

This isn’t an isolated incident either; similar events have been occurring more frequently throughout the past few years as more people attempt to cross into the United States illegally or seek asylum from their home countries. The number of migrant encounters in El Paso’s Border Patrol sector has spiked to over 2,300 per day from December 9th-11th alone.

What are we dealing with here? Are we being invaded? Is this becoming a time of war? Joe Biden is going to mess around for too long and pretty soon we’ll be outnumbered in our own country. Thank God that presidential elections take place every four years, but we’ve got to count on the other side to not be as ignorant as they were in 2020, and you and I both know that the odds of that happening are slim.

It’s clear that something needs to be done about this issue in order for it to not continue happening on such a large scale and put both migrants and Border Patrol agents at risk each time it does occur, not to mention those who are affected by the immigration once they get across.

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No Thanks, Dominion

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Welcome to The Garage Sale Of America!
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Create a 50 mile wide free-fire zone on both sides of the southern border. Invasion problem solved.


Ny is spending 5 million dollars a day treating illegal aliens like kings & queens and that’s just one state. We’ve been watching an invasion of the United States for over two years, isn’t the Military supposed to get involved and stop an invasion of the country? They should be down on the border shooting the invaders. Take out a thousand or so of those invading our country and the ones behind them will start getting the point, turn around or die.

Proud Patriot

Just chute the invaders and they will stop coming!!


Effective but Messy. Just shut off the freebies.


(no freebies) STILL worth the trip to them, so I’d prefer more effective, even if messy.


‘I did that!’


Herd em to Kalifornia!


Turn your grungy a$$’s back and go home we DO NOT want you here. We did NOT ask you to come–it seems that the only way to protect ourselves is to carry and shoot on site. After all they(illegals) carry illegally


A little tear gas would disburse the invasion and send a very strong message.


Thousands of canisters of CS every week will still be ineffective over the long term