BREAKING: US General Says He Can’t Rule Out Aliens After Fourth UFO is Shot Down

Are we under an alien invasion? I think everyone is wondering what the heck is going on with all of these UFOs or UAPs as they call them now, being shot down all over North America and especially the U.S.

The Pentagon has recently updated the public on their fourth successful shootdown of an unidentified object, which occurred Sunday over Lake Huron in North American airspace. According to reports from multiple U.S. officials and a source briefed on the matter, there was no collateral damage observed and authorities expect to recover the object.

This is the fourth such in the past two weeks, three of which have occurred within US airspace. Pilots provided conflicting accounts of what they experienced, with some claiming that the object interfered with their sensors while others observed no identifiable propulsion and were left unable to explain how it stayed airborne.

The Daily Wire reported,

In the week since the U.S. military shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina, officials say at least three other strange flying objects have been blasted out of the sky, and there have been multiple additional incidents leading to temporary restrictions in pockets of sky around the Midwest.

In the most recent development, a U.S. F-16 fighter jet shot down a UFO over Lake Huron on Sunday, according to officials. The Defense Department (DOD) said in a statement that President Joe Biden ordered the strike on the recommendation of military leadership after detecting an “airborne object flying at approximately 20,000 feet altitude in U.S. airspace” over the lake, a location chosen for its low impact on people below and the improved odds for debris recovery.

When General Glen VanHerck (commander of NORAD/U.S Northern Command) was asked whether the Pentagon excluded any potential explanation for these objects, including aliens, he replied: “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point. We continue to assess every threat.”

The remains of the octagonal-shaped object that descended on Sunday reached an altitude of 20,000 feet before being shot down by military forces. With news surfacing about this latest development in rapid succession over a span of only two weeks, many are anxious to know more about these mysterious aerial phenomena and how they came to be soaring above our skies and interfering with civilian aircrafts’ sensors.

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James R Maxwell

Beginning to wonder if maybe the Mother Ship has come to take Joe Biden home or the
Democrap Socialist are trying to distract us from the problems we have currently here at
home with the Economy and the INVASION along our Southern Border? I would not put
it past them to cloud or distract us from what is really happening. Could be China preparing to attack us also.

Gerald Ladd

James, I think all our enemies are taking advantage of us having a mental midget in the WH.


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John Lloyd Scharf

The Mother Ship is intent on our destruction. That is why they SENT Joe Biden.


We can track a rocket from what it starts to where is stops. But we can’t determine where a balloon started out. The lip service that this government is outrageous. The government thinks the people are stupid.


Well anyone that voted democrat is stupid.

Roger Moen

Fourth UFO Shot down. The first few were balloons and knowing they are balloons they are not UFOs. Just in case the news reporter doesn’t know what a UFO is. It is an Unidentified Flying Object. That means they don’t know what it is. Maybe he should go back to school to learn how to write a news article.


I’m beginning to suspect that the Biden Administration is going to claim that the “object” is the Idaho potato – you know, the one in the commercial.


Beware folks, the next great HOAX to be foisted on us and on the world is that we are under attack by aliens and drastic measures of control will be put in place to tell us all what to do and think. Almighty government will come to our aid to protect us, but only those who agree and subjugate will get protected. The rest of us will be labeled as disinformation alarmists to be turned in and destroyed. You thought Covid was bad, wait until you see the next crisis of control.


Think: “War of the Worlds”! Your post is sooo very right on! There is nothing they won’t stoop too low to do, to bring down ‘civilization’, as we (USED TO) know it!


Everyone best start buying more ammo civil war is coming.

daniel miller

UFO’s… unidentified ‘floating’ objects.

Gerald Ladd

Do we actually pay these people?

Roger Moen

There is a difference between a UFO Unidentified Flying Object and a UFO Unidentified Floating Object. For more than 50 years we have been chasing Unidentified Flying Objects and they move so fast that they are gone in the blink of an eye. So the General must be referring to Unidentified Floating Objects because I don’t think Alians have slowed down. So to hear him say he is not ruling out aliens tells me he should be replaced with a more educated General.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roger Moen
John Lloyd Scharf

Are all aliens Chinese or are all Chinese aliens?


these fcking people need to get a grip