BREAKING: Trump Announces Landmark Plan to Protect Children from Left-Wing Gender Ideology

If there’s one man on the planet who genuinely cares about protecting this country and fighting for it with every fiber of his being, it’s President Donald Trump. President Trump recently announced that if re-elected, he would take strong action to protect minors from the potentially dangerous practices of gender-affirming treatments.

He described these treatments as “child abuse” expecting that federal agencies would be tasked with policing them while schools were encouraged to promote traditional family values, including the roles of mothers and fathers. These proposals are expected to rile up LGBTQ rights advocates who want to recognize more than two genders.

Trump has proposed a nationwide ban on gender-affirming care for minors, an investigation into the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals through the Department of Justice, and promoting traditional family values in schools. The Department of Health and Human Services defines gender-affirming care as a broad range of services, including medical, surgical, mental health, and non-medical for transgender and nonbinary individuals. Trump believes that doctors providing hormones or surgery to trans youth should be cut off from Medicare and Medicaid programs due to potential long-term side effects from sex transitions which could have been intentionally concealed by doctors for financial gain.

He also wants minors who regret receiving gender-affirming care to have an easier ability to sue their doctors collectively labeling these procedures as “unforgivable.” His administration would press forward with creating “severe consequences” for any school members or officials who “suggest to a child that they could be trapped in the wrong body.” His plan could include a new credentialing body for teachers that emphasizes positive education about the nuclear family as well as celebrating rather than erasing differences between men and women.

His proposals come at a time when five Republican states have already enacted bans or restrictions on gender-affirming treatment while 21 other states are currently introducing bills aiming towards similar goals. However, Trump isn’t doing this solely out of political motivations, his current stance is quite different than his 2016 platform during the Republican primaries where he actively sought support from the LGBT community. Now he’s trying to protect children from potentially harmful procedures while upholding traditional family values for future generations across America!