BREAKING: Assassination Attempt on Tucker Carlson Thwarted!

Buckle up people, because this latest news is sure to make your head spin. Apparently, Tucker Carlson was nearly assassinated. And where might this have happened? Moscow, of course, because where else would such a James Bond-esque plot unfold?

According to reports (and by that, I mean Russian authorities), Ukrainian intelligence had a nefarious plan to off our good old American journalist using an explosive device. Sounds like a movie script, right? But wait, there’s more. The alleged perpetrator, some chap from Podolsk, was supposedly apprehended by Russian counter-terrorism units before he could carry out his dastardly deed.

The plot thickens when you learn that the target was none other than Carlson himself, who had recently interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin. Talk about a risky business! The suspect was allegedly planning to plant the explosive under a car in the underground parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel, where Carlson was staying. These events were supposedly planned to coincide with his visit to Russia from February 1 to February 8.

Now, you might be wondering: How has the response been to these wild claims? Well, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to Twitter, underscoring how essential it is to protect journalists, stating that journalism is a dangerous but critical job. We must always shield free speech and a free press. It’s the only way to safeguard people from governments.

The narrative provided by Russian sources asserts that the suspect was recruited by Ukrainian intelligence last November, with promises of a $4,000 reward upon successful completion of the mission. However, the legitimacy of these claims remains unclear, as there’s no independent verification available.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Well, international relations are a complex beast, and the media plays a significant part in shaping public perception. Whether these claims are rooted in truth or propaganda is anyone’s guess.

And what does Carlson have to say about all this? He has suggested that he was under surveillance by US intelligence agencies, specifically the NSA, during his stay in Russia. He hinted that this surveillance was part of an effort to undermine his interview with Putin, suggesting a broader narrative of media manipulation and espionage. But without concrete evidence, the tale of the thwarted assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson in Moscow remains enveloped in a cloud of speculation.

So, there you have it folks – another day, another wild ride in the world of politics. Is it true? Is it false? Only time will tell.

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first i’ve heard of this.


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Last edited 4 months ago by Julia

Hit paid for by teh Obiden administration.Arrest Obama and Biden and hang them together.


More likely the CIA was behind this!!!!


we (who are sane and awake) will NOT be surprised of what will happen B 4 Nov. election


Considering all the other “questionable” actions of the United States intelligence agencies regarding Ukraine , someone should go talk to Victoria Nuland.