BOOM! Trump Scores Major Win in Primary WITHOUT Being on Ballot

Would you look at that? The man who isn’t even on the ballot is still winning primaries. That’s right, our former President Trump just scored a huge victory in the Nevada primary without his name being anywhere near the ballot. Now, if that doesn’t scream popularity, I don’t know what does. Nikki Haley, the only holdout still running against Trump for the GOP nomination, couldn’t even garner more votes than a “none of these candidates” option. Isn’t that something? It’s like being chosen last in gym class, except it’s not dodgeball; it’s the future of our country.

Despite having a whopping $14 million in her campaign war chest and vowing to stay in the race for the foreseeable future, Haley couldn’t beat “none”. She was up against Mike Pence and Tim Scott, both of whom dropped out weeks or months ago, and yet, the voters chose “none” over Haley by a two-to-one margin. Ouch!

Now, Haley’s campaign is claiming the “game” is “rigged for Trump”. Well, isn’t that a convenient excuse? But seriously, when has any political race been fair and square? Moreover, they admitted they hadn’t spent “a dime nor an ounce of energy on Nevada.” So, they didn’t try but are upset they lost? Interesting strategy, wouldn’t you say?

Trump, as expected, took to Truth Social to gloat: “A bad night for Nikki Haley. Losing by almost 30 points in Nevada to ‘None of These Candidates.’ Watch, she’ll soon claim Victory!” he wrote. He wasn’t wrong, folks.

Meanwhile, state-level allies of Trump, including Nevada Republican Party’s National Committeeman Jim DeGraffenreid, suggested Haley never really stood a chance. “This is the third state to vote, and I haven’t seen any strength out of her [Haley] when ballots are actually cast yet,” DeGraffenried said.

In a heartwarming show of dedication, Vietnam veteran Doug Durbin, who lost a leg during the war, made it his mission to vote for “none of these candidates” over Haley. He’s planning to vote for Trump, calling his choice a “statement.” It just goes to show: when people believe in a cause, they’ll do whatever it takes.

Now, all eyes are on South Carolina where polls show Trump leading Haley by a two-to-one margin among likely Republican voters. So, let’s sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch how this political drama unfolds.

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Hard to beat the “We The People” vote unless you’re a demonrat. Then you can cheat your way in to office even if you don’t have enough sense to complete a sensible sentence.


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Last edited 25 days ago by Julia

Haley should drop out!!!! She is done!

Tony Bell

Another big failure of the deep state, their candidate Haley got rejected handedly.
The true woke are the folks seeing truth.

Mountain man

I guess if we have another illegal presidential election democrats may learn the real meaning of “insurrection “

Stephen Russell