Blasphemous Biden Skips Jesus in Christmas Address, But Remembers “The Poison” This Christmas

Joe Biden just gave his Christmas address, and it was absolutely pitiful!

Christmas is a Christian holiday. Sure, it’s celebrated by non-Christians all over the world as a secular holiday, but the day marks the day that we celebrate the birth of the Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He is the reason for the season. No, Christmas is not a pagan holiday. No, it doesn’t get its roots from anywhere else.

But because Christmas is about Jesus, you would think that Joe Biden would at least have the decency to acknowledge Him in his Christmas address. But nope. The name of Jesus never comes up.

This is as close as Biden got:

There is a certain stillness at the center of the Christmas story. A silent night when all the world goes quiet and all the glamour, all the noise, everything that divides us, everything that pits us against one another, everything — everything that seems so important but really isn’t, this all fades away in stillness of the winter’s evening.

And we look to the sky, to a lone star, shining brighter than all the rest, guiding us to the birth of a child — a child Christians believe to be the son of God; miraculously now, here among us on Earth, bringing hope, love and peace and joy to the world.

Yes, it’s a story that’s 2,000 years old, but it’s still very much alive today.

Just take a look at the video of his speech

So, here’s the thing. We don’t look at the sky to find some lone star in the sky guiding us to the birth of a child that took place millennia ago. And then he mentions a cheesy part in which he says that the story of Jesus’ birth is alive 2,000 years later in the eyes of a child on Christmas morning.

Now, must compare that to how President Trump opened his Christmas address from 2020…

The First Lady and I send our warmest wishes to all Americans as we celebrate Christmas. While our gatherings might look different than in years past, this Christmas, like every Christmas, is an opportunity for us to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and show our heartfelt gratitude for the abundant blessings God has bestowed upon our lives and country.

In this season of peace, we cherish the warmth, generosity, and faith that breathe life into our holiday gatherings. The love we share with our family and friends fills our hearts with joy, just as the story of Christ’s birth inspires people all over the world. This year, we come together as proud Americans—grateful for our sacred right to worship freely and to openly profess our trust in the enduring light and promise of the coming of God.

That’s quite a difference, don’t you think?

Oh, but don’t worry. Biden made up for it by stirring up more division and politicizing Christmas in which he says, “I sincerely hope this holiway [sic] se- — this holiday season will drain the poison that has infected our politics and set us against one another.”

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BS; there was nothing wrong with my Truthful long comment that was sorely needed here and you blew it off, so I cut this crap site loose! You don’t put God or Country first! Bye!

Proud Patriot

Obviously, the automatic system is broken just like the Dominion voting machines and their fraudulent votes!

Verna Fuchs

I’m pretty sure that Biden believes that he has been forgiven of all his past, present and future sins by the Pope a couple of years ago..HA! That’s probably one reason he behaves so wrecklessly all the time. However, it’s a very FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!


Just the trash who claimed to be Christian being the trash he is.


What the writer ignores or is ignorant of is there are 3 holidays being celebrated now. In narrow bigotry over Christ, and I’m a Christian, forgotten is Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. Now we know that the far right recognizes only Christianity’s 2 billion celebrants, but we also know they banned immigration of 2.6 billion Muslims not long ago. So I celebrate Christ in Christmas, but give the president slack to recognize all relevant holidays. And I still say merry Christmas even to my Muslim and Jewish friends.

E Warnick

You make absolutely NO sense. Not worth the effort to respond!


A creepy, crooked, lying, satan worshiping giant walking, talking pile of stinky SCHIFF!!

Philip O Anderson

No, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas is NOT a pagan event. Halloween, now that’s a different story. Fool should be ex-communicated and banned from the Catholic Church, any Church for that matter.


coming from a devout Catholic, what else would you expect from Biden.He is as much Catholic as RINO’s are Republicans.

Clayton M Dungey

Being catholic is part of his problem


He also believes in aborting children


And he claims to be a “practicing Catholic.” It is just another of his many lies.


A “practicing” Catholic? Wanna bet that by the time he dies, all the practice will not have made him a true Christian?


Some people require more practice than others. At this point, I am not sure he will make the team. In fact,I don’t think he made the cut. Only God truly knows what is in his heart, but I don’t believe it is faith in Christ, otherwise he would demonstrate different values.


O** those babies!

Trans those Children.

Enable that SW invasion.

Destroy the economy.

Persecute Christians.

I’m Jerk Biden and I LOVE to do these things!


And day one he claimed he would be the “president” for all Americans….that lasted a minute. The first of many many lies…..and he also takes every shot at dissing republicans….then again….he is just reading.

james hunt

Not surprised we know where he stands. the devils partner HAND IN HAND. This country has gone over the falls .Most Americans are idiots and Satanic! These terrorist would not be in power if was not for Yellow Back Republicans, Demonic Democrats. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!! BUT 74,000,000 American Patriots, red, yellow, black, white have had ENOUGH, we are ready NOW to right the ship with “WHAT EVER IT TAKES” TO TAKE AS MANY OF THESE TO THE “TRAIN STATION” TO NEVER MAKE ANOTHER DECISION FOR AMERICA! We will destroy these Satanic worshipers, FBI, DOJ, NOW, not waiting for 2024!! 1 of millions “ULTRA MAGAN’S!! we are for CLOSED BORDORS, AMERICA FIRST, LAW AND ORDER, DEATH PENALTY FOR ALL DRUG DEALERS, VOTING FRAUD. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, NO BAIL FOR REPEATED FELONS. QUICK TRIALS AND FEDERAL DEATH PENALTY (6 MONTHS)!! ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, BALANCED BUDGET, AND ECONOMY DEATH SENTENCE FOR CHINA FOR THE CHINA FLU!!! SEVERAL CHARGES FOR BEING A TRAITOR IN AMERICAN POLITICS, McConnell, Graham, Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Cheney Clinton’s, Fauci and several more!! “THE WAR IS ON”


All True!

Sons of Liberty

How do you propose we do all that James? Not at the ballot box! It’s already corrupted and rigged everywhere except Florida!


You have blamed everyone except your mother’s cat.


But, just HOW, is that to be accomplished???


The difference in the Christmas speeches between Biden and Trump only emphasizes their character. Trump focused on Jesus and Biden focused on hate and division of the American people. Why does he (Biden) hate this beautiful country?


Whoever writes the speeches for this fool needs to be fired.


The puppe tmasters…..and NWO


Clayton shut up; you don’t have any idea what you’re saying! The older roots of Christianity which are fundamental and crucial are most important and Catholicism is a huge part of that, not rinky-dink back woods revivals that think they know it all! Sure the church is infiltrated by devils just like your US government is and that is because Satan is having his hour!  But as the baby should never be thrown out with the bath water, so too should the Catholic genuine beauty of the Church be tossed out Neither! Maybe you should get up to date and read what Abp. Vigano along with Cardinal Burke say and what they represent and stop thinking you know so much when you don’t know Jack! I know you’re one of those that says “I got my Bible and got it all figured out!” God chooses saints to do his needed divine intervention and you ain’t one of them; so watch-out!
You want to do something; go read “My Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis!”
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis has for five centuries been the most popular spiritual book second only to the Sacred Scriptures of the Bible. The edition that I quote from here is by the “Confraternity of the Precious Blood.” The book illustrates clearly the basic fundamental principles of the Christian Spiritual Life which brings our attention to the additional point from the whole Truth of how the Precious Blood of Jesus that was spilled when he was being chastised in the dungeon for our sins so that we all may live; was wiped up by the loving motherly hands from the ground where it was spilled by the mother of Jesus, Mary, thus completing full circle her Blessed connection to the Son she bore immaculately to humanity by God’s absolute power and plan, as she is a special part of His plan “The Immaculate Conception,” without which the “New and Everlasting Covenant” or “Salvation” could not have been brought into humanity and “her being hallowed” above all the saints in order to carry God into this human life; that made her the “Mother of the Church,” Jesus’s Church by Him becoming a perfect man through her most blessed womb, the only mother who carried in her womb God Almighty, as the man Jesus Christ the Savior and Redeemer, to save our souls from eternal damnation or separation from God and all that is good; how she is in that loop, connected with Him the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in this most special way forever and ever, Amen.
I quote from the book here; “follow Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. As we study its contents we are convinced that without that Way there is no going, without that Truth there is no knowing, without that Life there is no real living.”
Catholics have served God well; but its true Biden is definitely not one just like there are so many so called members of other so called churches that profess to be such are actually not but synagogues of Satan; and Biden is a blaspheming evil man who will pay ultimately for it through eternity, in hell!
Matthew 12:31 Amplified Bible “Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy [every evil, abusive, injurious speaking, or indignity against sacred things] will be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the [Holy] Spirit will not be forgiven.”
Matthew 25:41 Amplified Bible “Then He will say to those on His left, ‘Leave Me, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels (demons).”


Satan Worshiping fake news and pretenders here!


Devout Christian folks!!…..devout!


Devout Catholic!!


Devout Catholic!!!

Joel Lovell

I sincerely hope this holiway [sic] se- — this holiday season will drain the poison that has infected our politics and set us against one another.”

Read: “I sincerely hope that those nasty Republicans will kowtow and see things the Democrat way.”


When I think about “practicing Christians” I think about medical and law practices. Everyone of us practices Christianity, some with greater success than others. But, we all fall short of perfection to varying degrees. We all sin, knowingly and unknowingly. Fortunately, by God’s Grace and faith in Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our sins, was resurrected and is at the right hand of God; our sins are forgiven. The only thing we have to do is faith, repent, and sin no more. Hence, for those who believe in Christ and turn away from their sins, their sins are forgiven. The operative word is turn away; therefore, the concept of “practicing Christian.” Some of us have more success at repentance than others. But there is hope: Christ came to save the unrighteous sinner, not the righteous saint. To all of you unrighteous sinners out there, keep practicing your Christianity and have a very, joyful celebration of the Christ Child’s birth, the Christ Child who was born to save us unrighteous sinners and bring us the Word of God’s Saving Grace through Faith.

jo thweatt

Anyone who has a ghoats head in the White House who is one of the 5 generals of Saten, is not a Christian.Him and all the Evil Democrats need to go.We did not vote them in.


Joe Biden is such a good Christian Catholic-NOT.

Nita Backus

Biden, along with majority of democrats, are atheists. Satan is their mentor.


I’m a good Catholic, but can you help me out here……….

I know who Mother Mary is, but just WHO is this Jesus fellow:?

I’m Jerk Biden and I approve this question.

Ken Milw

I may be the lone voice among the commenters, but I find President Biden’s words to be most fitting for celebrating Christmas in such a religiously diverse nation as ours. Though the President is practicising Catholic, his Christmas message is for all citizens of our nation, regardless of their religious persuasion. Our brothers and sisters in this nation all include the humanists, the nonbelievers. I see nothing that encourages division in his words, except for his hope to “drain the poison” that infects our politics. I don’t see those as negative words. May we all be brothers and sisters in our celebration this holiday season!

Proud Patriot

Fraud Biden is a Satanist and can’t say the name of Jesus. When demons hear the name of Jesus they have to flee!!


Be careful what you cheat for, you just might elect it. Sooner or later it will come and bite YOU on the arse. Biden it will be to late.


These pagans are going to the devil anyway, but we as Americans and Christians celebrate the Birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That is the reason for the season. We give each other gifts just like the Wise Men gave gifts to the Christ Child. Pray for our Nation and each other.