Black National Anthem Super Bowl Performance Sparks Backlash on Social Media

If you tuned into the Super Bowl last night, then you what you may have watched was another episode of ‘Wokeism Gone Wild.’ And you know exactly what I’m talking about…the performance of the Black National Anthem at the game. And boy, has it sparked some backlash! For those of you who missed it (or turned off your TVs in protest), the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” was performed before the traditional “Star-Spangled Banner” at this year’s Super Bowl. Now, I’m all for true and honest diversity and inclusion, but does this really serve unity, or is it just another divisive move in an already divided nation? This “national anthem” is a farce. This is not a black nation, it’s an American nation.

The backlash has been swift and loud. Critics argue that this move only serves to further divide us along racial lines. They see it as a blatant attempt to pander to the woke mob, rather than a genuine effort to promote unity and equality. Even some fans who usually sit on the sidelines of such debates couldn’t help but express their discontent.

Meanwhile, supporters of the decision say it’s a way to acknowledge the struggles and contributions of the Black community in America. They claim that it’s a step towards equality, a way to give a voice to a community that has often felt unheard. But let’s be honest here, folks, are we really promoting equality by highlighting differences and making special rules for certain ethnicities that highlight those differences?

As Candace Owens so aptly put it, “There is no ‘black national anthem.’ Why does America hate itself so much?” Good question, Candace. When did we become a nation that bends over backward to appease a vocal minority, even at the cost of alienating the majority?

This isn’t about denying or diminishing the struggles of the Black community in America. It’s about questioning whether divisive tactics like this are the best way to address those issues. It’s about asking if we’re really promoting unity and equality, or if we’re just driving a deeper wedge between different communities.

The Black National Anthem’s performance at the Super Bowl has sparked a backlash that goes beyond the world of sports. It’s once again brought to the fore the question of whether ‘wokeness’ is helping or hindering the cause of unity and equality in America. And from where I’m standing, it’s looking more and more like the latter.

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Patrick Cross

If black Americans want a “true” black national anthem, send them to Africa. There are at least a dozen black national anthems there

the Rebel

Airlines fly to Africa every day—————————–ALL ABOARD IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE


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the same thing applies to other non happy, try to change this country to garbage holes you came from people.


They have a country in West Africa, it’s called Liberia founded by “free people of color” around 1843. The blacksettlers from America didn’t do so well Check it out on Wikipedia.


I guess all the polls that were done didn’t have any effect. I said it wouldn’t. They don’t care what the majority thinks.


I am so done with the NFL


Imagine if someone came up with a White National Anthem. Can you imagine the outcry on how racist that would be??? Well why isn’t the Black National Anthem racist??

We have a National Anthem that honors ALL people.

Ron C

Because higher education teaches that only white skinned people can be racist, all other tones are totally incapable of being racist or hateful…. And about that swamp land for sale in Florida!


i have some of the night side of the sun for sale too.

Happy Warrior

Or a Miss WHITE America pageant. Or a United WHITE College Fund. Or. Or. Or…….


how about white history month.

Ron C

This is the era of I am more special than you! The 180 different countries though out the world should all have there own national anthems before the Super Bowl now! Or is it just that one community that wants to be special, instead of coming together as one nation??!

Captain America

Let them lift their voice in Africa.
America already has a national anthem.

Gunny Gil

Where the locals would try to kidnap them and hold them for ransom to buy food and shelter


The very people that are claiming to be left behind and want more equality society. Keep voting for the vary party that put the blacks in the place they want to be freed from
they do it every year, year after year
just look up the definition of insanity and the Black communities picture should be next to the definition


Singing the mess of the Black National Anthem at the Super Bowl is just another affront to the rest of America. Blacks are a small portion of the population. So, why not have a Hispanic National Anthem, an Italian National Anthem, a European Decent National Anthem, a Muslim National Anthem? Let’s make America a true nation of BALKANIZED TRIBES, like the Arab world (that has worked out so well over the centuries!)

glenna c cox

i agree. we should have a native american national anthem. they were here irst


“Native” Americans lived on these lands before we did, and had ample time to compose their own anthem, had they so desired. These lands were conquered, which has occurred across the globe throughout history. They are Americans. People born in America are native Americans, regardless of skin color, ancestry, etc., and have need of only one national anthem.

Stephen Russell

Came in after the Anthems & had coin toss for First Team


walked out of the room when that came on .So disgraceful of the WOKE NFL

glenna c cox

i did too.


It does not promote understanding, inclusion, or equality. It is an aberration and I find it offensive.

glenna c cox

If anyone should have a national anthem. It is the Native Americans. They were here when white man arrived.

Last edited 20 days ago by glenna c cox

There is only ONE National Anthem in this country … and it ain’t black.

Roscoe P. Coaltrain

There is no Black National Anthem. We have one National Anthem – The Star Spangled Banner. I will rise for it and nothing else. There will never be a Black National Anthem for this country.


What next transgender national anthem!!!

Old wolf

First of all I couldn’t understand anything she was saying, but still what black anthem is there that they now sing at sporting event in the usa. When did we turn in to Africa and sing a black anthem of Africa. Unless you were born in Africa, your not a true African. So why would anyone be singing a black anthem in the usa. We that were born in the usa are Americans, not Africans or another race. We only have one anthem to sing. The anthem ofvthe USA

Bruce Walters

An American disgrace. There is only one national anthem, if they want their own national anthem, let them move to Africs.


America has one National Anthem. Patriots know this, parasites do not.


The National Anthem is for all of us of all colors! Others are fake schitt!


NASTY !!!!!


On this point, I am as un-Amerikan as any yankee or NFL supporter. I will keep whistling DIXIE and be proud that GOD made me what I am, true to my kind and kin.


Yet another reason not to watch the NFL. Haven’t watched a single game since Colin Knucklehead started this crap. And NO, I’m Conservative, not racist like the Democrats.


The NFL is racist and here is my proof !