Biden Slammed After 8 Foreign Nationals with ISIS Ties Found in Major US Cities

In a chilling revelation, eight suspected ISIS-linked terrorists managed to cross the U.S.-Mexico border and roam American streets before finally being apprehended. This alarming incident exposes the glaring vulnerabilities in the current administration’s border policies, raising critical questions about national security and the safety of American citizens.

The suspects, linked to an ISIS-affiliated smuggling network, crossed into the United States over a period of months starting in late 2022. Astonishingly, they were not immediately detected or detained, allowing them free movement within the country until their capture earlier this year. This breach underscores a severe lapse in border security, a cornerstone issue that the Biden administration has repeatedly downplayed.

Let’s cut through the political spin: this is a catastrophic failure. The very notion that individuals with potential ties to one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations could infiltrate our borders and move around unchecked is not just a lapse; it’s a dereliction of duty. The primary responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens, and right now, that promise seems dangerously hollow.

While Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insists that the department’s “highest priority is to ensure the security of the American people,” the facts on the ground tell a different story. The porous nature of our southern border isn’t just a talking point for political pundits; it’s a real and present danger that has now been tragically underscored by this incident.

Critics of the Biden administration have been vocal about the lax border policies that they argue have led to this dire situation. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) encapsulated the growing frustration, stating, “Biden is jeopardizing every single American’s safety with his open-border policies.” This sentiment is echoed by countless Americans who feel increasingly insecure in their own country.

The administration’s approach to border security has been characterized by what many see as a dangerous combination of negligence and ideological stubbornness. From halting the construction of border barriers to reinstating catch-and-release policies, Biden’s strategies have been lambasted as ineffective at best and recklessly irresponsible at worst.

What’s more, this incident isn’t an isolated event but part of a disturbing trend. Reports indicate increased encounters with individuals on terror watch lists at the border, highlighting a clear and escalating threat. The question now isn’t just about how these eight suspects slipped through the cracks, but how many more might be out there, undetected and potentially plotting harm.

As the nation grapples with this sobering reality, it’s time for a serious reevaluation of border policies. Security must transcend partisan politics. The safety of American citizens cannot be compromised by ideological agendas or political correctness.

The Biden administration faces a crucial test: will it acknowledge these glaring failures and take decisive action to rectify them, or will it continue to offer platitudes while the American public remains at risk? The stakes couldn’t be higher. National security is not a game, and the safety of our citizens is non-negotiable.

This incident is a harsh wake-up call. It demands immediate and unwavering action to secure our borders and ensure that such an egregious breach of national security never happens again. Anything less is an abdication of the fundamental duty to protect the American people.

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Old Joe is a hippocrit.


And those are just the few who have been apprehended! What is the Biden plan allowing all these foreign nationals unfettered access to the United States? What is the ultimate goal behind it? Nothing good for the American people can come form any of this.

Ron C

To answer your question, the globalist’s plan is to destroy western civilization to usher in the world communist tyrannical government! They admit it often, but the weak minded are not paying attention, and either are the criminal leaders!

Ron C

Poopy Joe doesn’t have a border policy, that is the problem! The borders are wide open because the bribes are sufficient to keep them wide open! It is big business to destroy our nation!


Thanks joey.

Delphos Speaks

The BIden Administration will do nothing different with this knowledge. To put it bluntly, Biden doesn’t rule the roost. And those in charge are pushing for a terrorist threat of gargantuan proportion to happen in this country. And then they will just blame the Republicans or (wait for it) the MAGA movement.


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Last edited 1 month ago by Julia

When ISIS attacks America, I hope someone remembers the name Biden.