Biden Mocks Reporters with Bizarre Outburst (VIDEO)

In yet another bewildering display, Joe Biden left reporters and the public scratching their heads with a bizarre outburst during a recent bilateral meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This incident, which took place on Monday in the Oval Office, has intensified concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and overall fitness for office.

The meeting began like any other diplomatic engagement, with the usual formalities and media presence. However, things took a turn when reporters were abruptly shooed out of the Oval Office after a brief greeting. As they exited, journalists did what they always do—shouted questions at Biden, hoping for a response. Biden’s reaction was anything but presidential. With a smirk, he mocked the reporters with an erratic and unclear outburst that left everyone in the room stunned.

Video clips of this incident quickly made rounds on social media, further fueling the debate about Biden’s mental state. The video, shared by RNC Research, shows the President appearing disoriented and mumbling incoherently about “Joe jobs” at a California fundraiser shortly before this meeting. The erratic behavior didn’t stop there; Biden had also been seen wandering aimlessly during a group photo at the G7 Summit in Italy just a week prior, raising more red flags about his capacity to lead.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre came to Biden’s defense, dismissing the videos as “cheap fakes” propagated by conservative media. However, such dismissals are unlikely to quell the rising tide of concern and skepticism surrounding the Biden’s behavior. Critics argue that the administration’s attempts to deflect and deny are only exacerbating the issue, making it appear as though there is something significant to hide.

Adding another layer of irony, the same day of Biden’s odd Oval Office behavior marked a record-setting Democratic fundraiser for his reelection campaign, netting $28 million. Former President Barack Obama was present, and notably, he had to guide Biden offstage, holding his hand as they waved to the crowd together. This image of Obama leading Biden off the stage only added fuel to the fire of those questioning Biden’s autonomy and capability.

Is Joe Biden really okay? His frequent lapses and peculiar behavior are not just gaffes; they are becoming a pattern that cannot be ignored. With the 2024 election approaching, these incidents raise serious doubts about his ability to effectively campaign and, more importantly, govern if re-elected. The public deserves to know the truth about the health and competency of their leader, a matter that transcends party lines and speaks to the core of American democracy.