Biden Finally Forced to Answer the Hard Questions

In a scene that would make even the most seasoned political commentators reach for their popcorn, Biden found himself in a bit of a pickle during a recent interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. The topic? The US economy under his administration – and folks, the picture painted was less than rosy. In fact, it was downright thorny.

Erin Burnett, armed with a slew of economic data points that could dampen any dinner party, laid out the stark reality of the situation. She didn’t pull any punches, pointing out that when it comes to the economy, people are giving their vote of confidence to Trump, not Biden. Shocking? Maybe not. But it’s definitely something to chew on.

Now, you might be thinking, “Surely, Biden had a trick up his sleeve, a silver bullet that would dispel all concerns about the economy!” Well, not quite. Faced with damning statistics such as the skyrocketing cost of buying a home and consumer confidence hitting a near two-year low, Biden’s response was akin to telling a kid who scraped his knee that it doesn’t hurt. According to him, the economy is actually great – it’s just that we, mere mortals, can’t see it. He cited a Michigan survey suggesting that while the nation might be in distress, 65% of Americans feel they’re doing just dandy financially. It’s an interesting perspective, considering the overwhelming sentiment expressed in polls that the economy is, to put it mildly, struggling.

And here’s where it gets even more eyebrow-raising. Biden went on to tout his job creation record. But here’s the kicker – most of these jobs were merely people returning to work post-pandemic lockdowns. It’s like throwing a party because your ice cream hasn’t completely melted after you left it out in the sun – the expected outcome, not exactly a cause for celebration.

The narrative that the Biden Administration is pushing – that the economy is strong and any polling to the contrary is wildly inaccurate – seems to be a hard pill for many Americans to swallow. With major pollsters consistently finding voters expressing negative views about the economy under his leadership, it begs the question: How out of touch can one be?

This interview was more than just an awkward moment caught on camera; it was a sobering glimpse into the chasm between political narratives and the reality experienced by everyday people. As we inch closer to election day, one thing becomes clear – the economy remains a battleground, and right now, it’s looking like Biden’s Achilles’ heel. It seems the economic numbers have left him on shaky ground.

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the Rebel

Jose Bidumb is clueless and has not been running the Circus since January 2021!


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Last edited 10 days ago by Julia

Agree, he doesnt have the inteligence to even answer simple questions, much less these. He is sch a loser. LIAR LIAR your DEPENDS are oon FIRE! go home & sleep the rest of your days in bed.



George Bush and Dan Quayle, 1989-93


Nice to see CNN do real reporting.


One tough question he was asked: “How do you spell your first name???”

Tim Kuehl

Swallowing Briben’s lies doesn’t stay down so I missed the part of the interview after he claimed inflation was 9% when he took office, I was busy throwing up.


Quid Pro Joe Biden is a liar and a traitor!