Biden Donors Freak Out! Reportedly Want a Refund

In an unprecedented move, major Democratic donors are turning against Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign, shaken by his evident cognitive decline during the recent debate with former President Donald Trump. The aftermath of this “disastrous” performance has sent shockwaves through the Democratic base, causing a surge of refund requests from donors eager to redirect their contributions to more promising down-ballot races.

The debate incident has not only alarmed donors but also prompted an internal crisis within Biden’s campaign. Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez has been working tirelessly to reassure supporters, highlighting that the campaign managed to raise over $33 million since the debate. Despite these efforts, the unease among donors remains palpable, with many inquiring about the process for obtaining refunds. The situation is further complicated by the internal campaign rules, which stipulate that if Biden were to withdraw, only Kamala Harris would have access to the campaign funds. This potential shift in the Democratic ticket adds another layer of complexity and uncertainty to the already fraught situation.

Biden’s allies have indicated that he is seriously weighing the option of ending his re-election bid if his campaign cannot recover from the damaging debate performance. One close associate revealed that Biden’s decision hinges on whether he experiences any further cognitive lapses in the coming days. This precarious state of affairs has stoked panic among Democrats, with some party leaders openly calling for Biden to step down.

Further exacerbating the crisis, a leaked internal campaign memo from the progressive pollster OpenLabs has laid bare the dire straits of Biden’s re-election prospects. The memo reveals that Biden, already trailing Trump before the debate, now clings to slender leads in just three of fourteen key states. This dismal outlook underscores the steep challenge Biden faces: if the current trend persists, Trump could secure a commanding number of electoral votes in November.

Adding to the turmoil, mainstream media outlets, including the White House press corps, have come under fire for ignoring signs of Biden’s cognitive decline. According to the article, corporate media avoided negative coverage of Biden’s health out of fear that it would bolster Trump’s 2024 campaign. This reluctance stands in stark contrast to the independent and right-wing press, which has consistently highlighted concerns about Biden’s fitness for office.

As Biden’s campaign grapples with these multifaceted challenges, the Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads. The fallout from the debate has not only jeopardized Biden’s re-election bid but also triggered a broader existential crisis within the party. With donors pulling back and internal divisions widening, the path forward for the Democrats appears increasingly uncertain.

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thomas carl pesek

If he quits, the other candidate does NOT get that money.

Sick of it

His cognitive problems are NOT new. Where have all of these people been for the past 3 years? All of am