Biden DOJ Announce Latest Election Interference Tool

In what can only be described as a not-so-shocking development, Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray have rolled out their latest brainchild in the name of safeguarding our elections. If you were hoping for a stand-up comedy show, sorry to break it to you, but this isn’t it. These two, alongside Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, stood up in Washington DC, proclaiming their battle cry against “election threats”. Now, if you’re wondering whether this is the plot of a new dystopian novel, you’re not alone.

Before we even get into the nitty-gritty, can we take a moment to appreciate the irony? Merrick Garland, whose name rings bells in the corridors of the historic persecution of Donald J. Trump, now wants to chat about election threats. You’d think he’d start by mentioning his own cameo in this saga, but alas, details, details.

Garland and his crew are waving the flag of protecting democracy from what they label as “national security threats”, including those dastardly “cyber-enabled campaigns”. For anyone needing a translation from bureaucratise, that’s code for “we don’t like what you’re saying online”. It’s like someone shouting “fire” in the theater when there’s just a bit of smoke from someone’s vape pen. Talk about gaslighting!

Now, I’m no stranger to sarcasm, but even I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the audacity. The very trio that could win gold if political contortion were an Olympic sport, lecturing us on clean elections? That’s rich. It’s akin to a fox hosting a seminar on henhouse security measures.

Representative Dan Bishop hit the nail on the head, pointing out the oh-so-convenient timing of this grand announcement. Just last week, the Biden regime waved goodbye to the DHS Intelligence Experts Group, a merry band of deep state enthusiasts. What miraculous timing, indeed. It’s almost as if there’s a script these people are following.

Cybersecurity expert Mike Benz chimed in with his two cents, unraveling the government’s sleight of hand. In essence, any Tom, Dick, or Harry retweeting something the Big Brothers don’t like is now part of a sinister “campaign”.

What we’re witnessing here, folks, is a full-blown censorship extravaganza, under the guise of protecting our precious critical infrastructure. Because, apparently, expressing skepticism online is now tantamount to a cybersecurity attack. Who knew?

The unchecked power to silence dissent under the banner of national security is chilling. It’s a slippery slope from protecting elections to policing thoughts. In the land of the free, where the First Amendment was once hailed as sacrosanct, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Will we tread the path of open discourse, or will we veer into the dark alleys of censorship?

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Wow a new name for “bed”. Does web mean its sticky from use?


Does he mean he going to stop people at elections from covering windows and locking out elections observers so they can unload ballots from under the tables.


The sooner Garland & wray are gone, the better. In jail would be so much better.



Wyatt Earp

The only threat to national security is both DOJ AND THE FBI! They can come here and LIES WITH THE BEST LIAR IN THE WHITE HOUSE! But refused to follow laws or INVESTIGATING REAL CRIME! WRAY FAVORITE WORDS–” There an ongoing investigation! ” but the truth be told THERE NO INVESTIGATING GOING ON!


Hey garland. You and your band of communist flunkies are the threats to the next election.

Say anything you want but those paying attention know your words are filled with lies, just like joey’s.


I’m surprised that Garland doesn’t wear a Swastika armband and a Hammer and Sickle pin when he is making these announcements. America has become a Third-World dictatorship.


Nikki Haley has gone full RINO. It’s like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney had a baby!

The Observer

Ha! Ha! Ha! All have credibility problems.


For sure BUR need have copy of the tape .

Dennis McLain

Both of these bums should be in jail!


The attempts to suppress Republican voters and information will continue. They have no other way to win. Except with 11 million (or more) new registered illegal voters The fraud that will occur in November will be monumental.